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Discover with us the numerous Screen training opportunities, divided by areas of expertise, in Italy and abroad.


Seminars dedicated to exploring every aspect of cutting techniques:

Fashion & Academy

The cutting techniques, the scissors, the techno-stylist services and unique products are the subject of these two intense days of contact with the artistic team. Objective: to learn and try out the cutting techniques, the ideal approach to a new and intriguing creative performance. Duration: 2 days

Man hands on

The knowledge of innovative and original hair cutting techniques is the heart of this seminar, which provides the elements to satisfy the vanity and desires of a man who seeks a unique and personal style. Objective: to gain a new customer base, certainly demanding but equally rewarding. Duration: 2 days

The best of Cut & Color

Three days of discovery with the cutting techniques: a world of perfection, versatility, lightness, fashion and the speed of execution. Objective: to obtain perfect manual dexterity with the new techniques to be able to create any style requested in the salon. Duration: 3 days

Over the Top

Two intense days to finalize the knowledge of the cutting techniques. Objective: how to utilize the diverse cutting techniques and then combining them to obtain a unique styling effect. Duration: 2 days


Latest fashion trends for the definition of the styles:

Color Course

A course to learn about products and colors, discovering their special and unique features together with all the winning elements that distinguish them. Objective: knowledge of the products and the technical color service. Duration: 1 day

Special Effects

Highly innovative techniques exploring the world of color and creating color effects that make each client unique and unmistakable. Objective: to gain knowledge and the practical implementation of advanced coloring techniques. Duration: 2 days

Color Dimensions

A course that allows hairstylists to unleash their spirit of creativity. Hair becomes a canvas and coloration a painting technique. Objective: Careful diagnosis of the hair, the ability to predict the results of the coloration for each client and the presentation and acquisition of color dimension techniques. Duration: 1 day


The latest innovations to highlight the volume and cuts chosen by clients:

Hair-drying Course

It cannot be a “unique” cut unless it is correctly dried. The logic of the brush in these two intense days. Objective: to discover essential styling tricks to best satisfy the clients expectations. Duration: 2 days

Fashion Upstyle

Two days to discover and learn all upstyle techniques, necessary for the realization of those creations that make each salon unique and successful. Objective: to gain knowledge and the implementation of modern styling techniques. Duration: 2 days

Total Look

For hairstylists who want to choose and create a total look able to transform their clients, enhancing the quality and hiding the defects. Objective: learning how to chose the color, the cut, the make-up and suitable clothes for an amazing new look. Duration: 2 days

Cut and Transform

How to transform a technical cut, with different lengths and textures, into a glamor cut for special occasions. Objective: to gain a knowledge and the implementation of modern cutting and styling techniques applicable for all different hair lengths. Duration: 2 days


5 days that will change the professional life of young collaborators. This is specifically destined for the preparation of new personnel in the salon. Objective: intense and targeted training on the salon services, a pathway that passes through shampooing, coloring, highlights, perms and drying, everything that creates the foundation of every apprentice professional hairstylist. Duration: 5 days (it is also possible to chose single days)


The hair salon is a world in which there can be complex management issues. An in-depth study from the reception to dedicated software.

Management and Receptionist Course

The reception is one of the winning elements of a modern salon. Communication, sales techniques and the daily management tools complete the service aspects and the running of the salon. Objective: high quality professionalism able to manage all aspects, from the arrival of clients, controlling the services, without overlooking the marketing needs. Duration: 2 days

Aladino Course

A theoretical and practical course on the use of the software which manages; client bookings, stock management, turnover and statistical analysis of the invoicing and sales. Objective: To facilitate and automate the running of the salon. Duration: 2 days

Training method

The Screen method works on individual talents both in theory and in practice, in order to develop the precious personal skills of the hairstylist by ensuring the presence of a trainer for every 4-8 participants. The method, tested over the years, is designed to permit the memorization of each single step with the utmost simplicity. In the last 20 years, Screen has never postponed or delayed a course.

The educational material available meets the all-round needs of the participants: technical sheets, mannequin heads, scissors, tools, products, user guide DVDs and simultaneous translations for foreign students are only examples. At the end of each course every attendee receives a Screen certificate and through the evaluation questionnaires handed to participants, everyone can express their feedback. Today, with pride, we declare that the approval rating is at 90%.